A beautiful and different gliding, touring caravan or private camping holiday destination in North Wales.
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Acres of space for walking, sculpture-viewing, fishing, running, den-building, clue-collecting, dog-walking, or just plain chilling.

The Glyn

New to Lleweni Parc:

Drive at 10+ with Autotutors Young Driving School.

Gliding is why we first came here and it’s still the keystone of Lleweni Parc.

Fly your own glider with Denbigh Gliding.

Or just watch and enjoy the extra dimension to your holiday.

Lleweni Tourer Park. A tiny and tranquil caravan site tucked into woodland.

The Rally Field. Secluded and private - perfect for rally group gatherings.

Caravan Club Certificated Location. Fabulous views from the top of the airfield. Bookings may only be made from Caravan Club Members.

Please contact office@lleweniparc.co.uk or Chris on 07980 372836 to arrange a booking

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CL and Rally Bookings: or 07980 372 836
Tourer Park Seasonal Pitches:
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